Month: September 2013

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Severn View

Just looking at ways forward with blogging, padlet, showbie and class dojo… Exciting times


Music at Stretton Primary

Lovely day spent working with each year group looking at incorporating the iPad into music lessons. Also did a bit of singing and rhythm work. I enjoyed it. The pupils enjoyed it. Hope that staff got some good ideas :0)

Severn View Primary Academy

Well done to all the staff at Severn View Primary for surviving an intensive introduction to the iPad. Twilights can be a struggle but you all proved that wrong. A fun interactive session with lots of thinking and learning. Looking forward to round two tonight.

Wolsey House Prinary

Great meeting with the staff of Wolsey House Primary. Morfos made. Puppet shows exported. Books created. A hands on staff meeting to introduce the creative side of the iPad.

St Leonard’s Academy

Great day spent with iPad champions and the the staff at St Leonard’s. Some great work going on and now some plans sorted for the coming year. Thank you for welcoming me into your school :0)