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Speech and Language – Coventry LA

Chris’ training sessions for staff are always lively, interesting and informative and succeed in moving staff forward in their knowledge, understanding and use of technology. Particularly successful training for our staff has been in the use of iPads.

Chris has expert knowledge that he is able to share with pupils in an engaging way. He has a real understanding of pupils with SEN and is able to pitch his sessions appropriately.

All our pupils love using technology and Chris has helped us to choose appropriate software to support their learning.

Sandi McKinnon – Head of Speach and Language

“Before attending Chris’s training session, I had no idea how to use an iPAD.  Chris was great at explaining each stage, and dealing with a range of experience across the staff.  Now I feel confident using an iPAD and regularly use it to work with pupils in one to one teaching sessions.  Pupils love using the iPADs – they suddenly become really focussed on an activity as they think they are playing a game, and don’t realise that they are learning at the same time!”  Lynne Roote – Specialist Speech & Language Teacher