Here are a few comments from schools and training providers that embediT have worked for:

Having the opportunity to move into a new school building in 2010 I wanted to create a learning environment with IT at its heart where children could use IT ubiquitously and independently to support their learning.

Working with Chris Smith from embediT to achieve this goal ensured that we were able to transform our IT provision moving away from PC technology to embrace mobile technology. We provided staff with both Macbooks and iPads and the necessary CPD to support and ensure their use in order that our children could approach learning task throughout the week with a range of different outcomes including; podcasts, blogs, animations, comic strips.

This then resulted in a rewrite of our ICT curriculum linked to our theme curriculum to ensure progression across all year groups. Chris supported us in all aspects of this work and has then provided in class support for teachers and children to ensure that they have the necessary skill set to improve pupil outcomes.

Chris’s supportive and friendly manner enables colleagues to confidently work alongside him in order that they develop their own practice. He has motivated and inspired staff in the ways that they can effectively use ICT to support pupils learning and has challenged them to think more creatively about their teaching.

We are now developing our ICT provision in all aspects of the curriculum including linking Music and Technology and also Art.

Pupils have gained skills that exceed national curriculum expectations and confidently use the apps and programmes they have learned to develop their practice further.

We have been grateful for all the support that we have received from Chris to ensure that ICT is fully embedded within our curriculum.

Sarah Malam – Headteacher Courthouse Green Primary School

Just wanted to let you know that having Chris for an hour this week…with no children and just the chance to chat through apps that were really relevant to us in Year 6, was the best use of his time ever for us. Lindsay and I both felt really enthused by the ideas he gave us and having time to chat through ideas and practise gave me the confidence to do loads more stuff! In the last two days I have used padlet, apple tv and comic heads for the first time! So you may want to suggest this to other Year groups, if they are free when Chris is around, as we think it’s a really good use of his time.

Helen – Class teacher LES

I have worked with Chris Smith on joint ICT/EAL projects for at least 10 years. We have created resources that meet the needs of pupils learning English as an additional language across the curriculum and for a range of needs. As Chris’s work is always very practical and user friendly and designed to meet the needs of both the learner and teacher our work has always been very well received by schools. He is very aware that practitioners have different starting points in terms of their ICT skills and his training takes account of this. I would not hesitate to recommend Chris.

Dawn LamaArea Manager – Minority Group Support Services – Coventry Local Authority

“How refreshing to have someone who really understands what a powerful impact technology can have on teaching and learning”

Not only does Chris understand ‘good’ teaching and learning but he has the curriculum knowledge and technical know how to make it happen.

Chris has supported Stretton in developing our use of technology to engage children in exciting learning opportunities. Working with our IT lead, staff and children, he has inspired us all!

Sarah BatesHeadteacher Stretton C of E Primary

Chris’ training sessions for staff are always lively, interesting and informative and succeed in moving staff forward in their knowledge, understanding and use of technology. Particularly successful training for our staff has been in the use of I Pads.

Chris has expert knowledge that he is able to share with pupils in an engaging way. He has a real understanding of pupils with SEN and is able to pitch his sessions appropriately.

All our pupils love using technology and Chris has helped us to choose appropriate software to support their learning.

“Before attending Chris’s training session, I had no idea how to use an IPAD. Chris was great at explaining each stage, and dealing with a range of experience across the staff. Now I feel confident using an IPAD and regularly use it to work with pupils in one to one teaching sessions. Pupils love using the IPADs – they suddenly become really focussed on an activity as they think they are playing a game, and don’t realise that they are learning at the same time!” Lynne Roote – Specialist Speech & Language Teacher

Sandi McKinnon – Head of Speech & Language Support Service